Green Coral Reef, Dihamri Marine Protected Area, Socotra Island

This is What the Odd and Weird Thing on Socotra Island You Have Never seen

Do you want to see weird things? Being curious about discovering such brilliant places as Socotra Island. It is considered a weird place because of the diversity of species that the island has. There are also several views that...

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Coral Reef, sea beach Socotra Island

How Tourists Feel Excited Most On Socotra Island

As a tourist is attracted to places like Socotra Island, it will be one of the best trips. Whatever the reason is behind your goal of the tour, on Socotra Island, you can fulfill this goal. Because there are...

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Dixsam Plateau - Dragon’s blood tree - Socotra

See The 12 Unique Targeted Sites in Socotra Island

The eyes reflect the beauty of what you see in your health and mind. Moreover, each place on Socotra Island describes different nature from one another. Are you ready to have a look at each place? Keep reading to...

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