Our Services

Our Services

What you get when you book with us

1- Obtaining Entry Visa to Socotra

We are an authorized Visa agent, through us, we can ask Immigration and Passports Department to issue an Entry Visa valid for 30 days

Travel Visa, ministry of interior, Entry visa, Socotra Island

2- Passenger services

  1. Flight tickets booking
  2. Flight operation assistance
  3. Baggage porter services
  4. Airport pick-up & drop-off

Passenger services trip Socotra Island 2socotra

Flight tickets booking

Flight tickets booking Socotra Island 2socotra

Baggage porter services

Baggage porter services trip Socotra Island 2socotra

Flight operation assistance

Flight operation assistance trip Socotra Island 2socotra

Airport pick-up & drop-off

Airport pick-up & drop-off trip Socotra Island 2socotra

3- Island Transportation

    1. 4×4 private vehicle all times with premium service: each vehicle comfortably seats only 3 passengers and the driver to ensure all travelers have a window seat
    2. Boat trips

Car on the road, Socotra Island
Boat trips Socotra Island 2socotra

4- Accommodation

  1. Hotels booking in the island

Accommodation Hotels booking Socotra Island summer land

5- Full camping services and equipment

      1. Comfortable double tents for every traveler
      2. Bigger tents for couples
      3. Mattress, bed sheets, pillows
      4. Portable Toilet Tents
      5. Canopies & Shelters
      6. Tables and chairs
      7. Cooking equipment
      8. Folding and pitching tents
      9. Cleaning camping equipment

Bigger tents for couples Socotra Island camping
Canopies & Shelters Socotra Island camping
Tables and chairs Socotra Island camping
Comfortable double tent Socotra Island camping
Portable Toilet Tents Socotra Island camping

6- Food and Drinks

    1. All meals and soft beverages whatever fits your diet habit best, in town or in camping areas.
    2. Personal chef in camping.

Food and Drinks Socotra Island Lunch

7- Guides

      1. Experienced English-speaking native Socotri guide
      2. Local guides for special places

Experienced English-speaking native Socotri guide Socotra Snake

8- Activities

        1. Pay protected areas fees
        2. Snorkelling equipment rental
        3. Access to Bluetooth speakers

Snorkeling Socotra colored fish
book your trip to socotra dragon tree