See The 12 Unique Targeted Sites in Socotra Island

Dixsam Plateau - Dragon’s blood tree - Socotra

You have not decided yet where to spend your vacation. Many people are searching for the most natural sightseeing tour to fulfill their spirit of life. What they like to enjoy is meditation. What an extraordinary trip to find such places you rarely may find in your whole life. The eyes reflect the beauty of what you see in your health and mind. Moreover, each place on Socotra Island describes different nature from one another. Are you ready to have a look at each place? Keep reading to know more about the places you should visit on Socotra Island.

Ras Irissel

Ras Irissel or Ras Irsal or Ras Irisseyl, Socotra
Ras Irissel or Ras Irsal or Ras Irisseyl, Socotra

Ras Iressiyl is one of the wonderful places on Socotra Island. It is the point of convergence between the Indian Ocean and the Arabic Sea. It is located in the ultimate part of the Island. Ras Iresiyl’s beach is distinct from other beaches on the Island. Ras Iresiyl is a place that most people have no idea about. Diving is one of the fifth activities for diving on Socotra Island. Therefore, being one and the only one who knows about Ras Iressiyl makes you a different tourist. While you are on Socotra Island, do not forget to visit Ras Iressiyl.

Shoab Beach

Shoab Beach, Shuab Bay Socotra Island
Shoab Beach, Shuab Bay Socotra Island

Shoab Beach is one of the best five meters beaches on Socotra Island. What makes Shoab beach different from other beaches in the clear water can amaze you. One another thing you can notice is the White sand surrounding the area. How can tourists arrive in this great area? Furthermore, here are boats which you can oar till the place you like to stay there and Shoab Beach is one of the beaches you can enjoy sailing to get to that place. It is considered one of the best places for rest and being isolated from the clutter of cities. Moreover, camping is available in some mountains next to the beach.

Qalansiyah Beach

Detwah Lagon lake , Qulensya قلنسية Qulansiya or Qalansiyah or Qalansia Socotra Island
Detwah Lagon lake , Qalansiya Socotra Island

Qalansiyah Beach is one of the common beaches on Socotra Island. It is a good place for rest because of the calcareous stones surrounding the mountains. Furthermore, it has a turquoise sea, making visitors amazed by this view. Also, rare white sand is found on Qalansiya Beach. Diving is a kind of the activities that tourists can enjoy. Tropical types of fish you can find there are one of the best views you have not ever seen. Camping and sailing are good activities to have fun.

Dilesha Beach

Delisha Beach, Dilesha Beach, Socotra Island
Delisha Beach, Dilesha Beach, Socotra Island

Dilesha Beach is distinct from other beaches by its proximity to the white sand. It is onto the sea. It is an isolated beach where some prefer to read because of the tranquil environment, sit on the sand and enjoy the sun shining. Dilesha Beach has a local restaurant which serves cuisine food for comers and visitors. The cuisine is considered to be healthy and delicious food. Do not forget to try it, and I am sure you will try it more than three times.

Ayhaft Canyon National Park

Ayhaft Canyon socotra Island
Ayhaft Canyon socotra Island

It is in a place called Ayhaft valley. It is full of bushy trees. There are a lot of ponds under this valley. These ponds are dulcet. There are a lot of rare animals which you can find. Mountains surround it, so camping is one of the activities. Having a deep breath and enjoying the atmosphere is pretty good to get rid of a bad temper.

Aomak Beach

Aomak Beach-Palm tree - Camp - Cars - Socotra
Aomak Beach - Socotra

Aomak Beach is considered a long beach on Socotra Island. This beach is sandy. What is beautiful are the long ripples you can notice. It is a good idea for camping. How can people find such a place without visiting it? Meditation is taken place while you are spending time there.

Kalisan Canyon

Kalisan Canyon, Swimming bath, Socotra
Kalisan Canyon, Swimming bath, Socotra

Kalisan Canyon is a hydrous valley. It is distinct from others because of the location. Moreover, it is in the southeast in an isolated area on Socotra Island. Mountains and hills surround it. There are a lot of wonderful and unforgettable views. There are also the different formations of stones and swimming baths. Waterfalls and dulcet water are available around the area.

Homhil Plateau

Homhil Plateau, Park, swim- Socotra
Homhil Plateau, Park, swim- Socotra

Homil is onto natural views. It is also the home of the dragon blood trees. It is the hometown of the nomad people. It has different views considered the best views that people have ever seen.

Crab City

Crab City - Socotra
Crab City - Socotra

Crab City is near Ras Irissyel. It is a wonderful place for picnics and trips. It is a good place for watching thousands of sandy crabs because it is the home of crabs. Most people like getting interesting in observing such species.

Hadibo City

Hadibo City, Hadibu, Hadiboh , Hadiboh - Socotra
Hadibo City - Socotra

Hadibo City is the biggest City on Socotra Island. It is famous for hot baths. It is available with the necessary pieces of equipment. There is a big shop where you can find many stuff from neighboring countries. That might be a chance to get more information about the residents and their lives.

Rosh Marine Protected Area

Rosh Marine Protected Area - Socotra
Rosh Marine Protected Area - Socotra

It is one of the best places because of the sandy white beaches. You can get ready to have one of the wonderful picnics. Camping also takes place while you are there. Do not forget to dive to see the species that are there. Some of these species are like coral reefs.

Dixsam Plateau

Dixsam  Plateau Dragon’s blood trees - Socotra
Dixsam Plateau Dragon’s blood trees - Socotra

Diksam is an expansive area in the center of Socotra that’s thick with dragon blood trees. There are vast limestone plains, making it a spectacular place to explore. Mountains surround Dixsam. It has several followed by mountains which attract tourists and lead them to have a splendid imagination. How can a visitor leave the Island without visiting such a place?

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