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We are your first choice in Socotra Island with our customer-oriented approach and highly skilled team members.

2SOCOTRA is a leading Socotra Tours Company that offers the chance to visit Socotra, a remote island in Yemen. 2SOCOTRA has maintained incoming tourist services as its core business, having served many tourists to Socotra from different countries of Europe and worldwide. In addition, 2SOCOTRA offers numerous eco-tourism services for individual travelers or large groups, family holidays, honeymooners, luxury travel, trekking and diving, and memorable incentive trips. Our motto ” Travel Experience You’ll Ever Love ” captures our commitment to providing unique experiences for our guests while preserving this tiny island’s natural beauty.

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Our Core values

1- Client satisfaction

We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied with their trips and have an enjoyable time in Socotra. Our tours offer an authentic experience, tailor-made for each group based on their interests and requests. 2socotra offers high-quality tours at competitive prices while offering personal communication and tailored attention throughout the process.

2- Professionality

We offer a well-managed trip with quality and safety. We take pride in providing the best customer service, highest quality of experience, and most knowledgeable staff on the island. To do this, we have two main values: client satisfaction and offering value for money on every tour. We take care of every detail, so each customer has an unforgettable trip on Socotra Island.

3- One great team

We are a tour company committed to the growth and development of employees. The team at 2socotra aims to provide authentic travel experiences for people that want more than just a guided tour from sightseeing guides.

4- Support local community

Our company is committed to supporting the local community in Socotra through job creation opportunities, education initiatives, and infrastructure development projects. Unfortunately, many locals struggled with employment opportunities as few jobs were available on the island besides fishing or farming.

5- Sustainable tourism

We are committed to preserving the environment of this amazing island by following all rules for Eco-tourism, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and economic sustainability, educating travelers about the culture, environment, and history of Socotra while providing our guests with experiences that will stay with them for years. By providing culturally immersive tours of Socotra Island, our mission is to empower communities through cultural immersion while also preserving the natural beauty for future generations.

6- Share island beauty with the world

We are passionate about the island and want its culture, traditions, and natural beauty to be shared with the world and make Socotra an international tourist destination.

10 Reasons Why Us

Competitive prices, no Hidden Fees

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We are glad to offer our clients the best rates for tours, transfers and other services. Our prices are always relevant and affordable, combined with the highest quality services resulting in value for money across all our services and products.

Experience and Trustworthiness

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Expert local knowledge and regional, on-the-ground guides, so you enjoy the ultimate experience. Detailed understanding of Arabian, Asian and Western cultures. We’re Soqotri. We know Socotra.

Friendly and Qualified Staff

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Passion and expertise, not just knowledge. Our team members are passionate about their work and always ready to help. We have the best expert guides, passionate as well as knowledgeable. We all enjoy traveling and believe that Socotra is a great travel destination for you to explore. Just get in touch with us, and we will assist you with planning a trip to Socotra.

The Variety of Tours and Programs

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We are especially proud of our selection of tours around Socotra because it has no analogs in the market. So whether you want to make a one-week trip or stay longer to enjoy the fascinating life in Socotra, with us, you will always find what you are looking for.

Personal Approach to Each Client

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We understand that there is no unique way to make a perfect journey that everyone will like because each person has his special needs and desires. Therefore, we always listen to you first and then suggest the travel solution that is the best for you. Designed by you, exactly as you wish, but with our expert help and advice.

You deserve a personal chef

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To understand the well-known Yemeni hospitality from its natives. All our packages come with a personal chef who will serve you unlimited food and beverages of the varieties available on the island. Whatever fits your diet habit best is available to choose from at any time while you’re here: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, and fruits.

Four-wheel drive vehicles

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We offer four-wheel drive vehicles and boats to make your trip easy and memorable. We aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience on Socotra Island while ensuring you are safe. Our fleet of cars and boats includes 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers, local boats, etc., so we can take visitors wherever they wish to go on this fascinating island. We also provide camels to carry your staff while clamping the highest mountain on the island.

No time to be bored

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We provide you with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite music and enjoy nights by playing our local games!

Socially and environmentally responsible

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We love Socotra. We care for our island, its wildlife, people, and culture. Responsible for tourism, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats and eco-systems.

Safety First

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2SOCOTRA is committed to providing the highest safety, security, and service for all our customers. We are prepared with safety plans and emergency procedures if anything goes wrong during your journey with us.