Discover the Unique Plant Species of Socotra Island: Dragon Blood Trees, Cucumber Trees and More

The Dragon Blood Trees - Socotra Island
Great Information About Plants On Socotra Island Make You stunned

Do you know how many plants you have not ever seen? There are some places which contain different kinds of plants like Socotra Island. Therefore, no need to go around and search for many sites and spend more and more effort to find such places to visit because what you search about exists on Socotra Island. The diversity of plants found on Socotra Island is fantastic because you will find different plants and unique ones in each place you visit.

Two hundred-year-old trees look like a science fiction genre that you have never seen. Yet, some strange plants you can find on Socotra Island are never found anywhere else. No wonder you find such unique and bizarre plants on Socotra Island. They look like sprouted trees from the ground, which can never be found easily because third plants species found on Socotra Island can be found nowhere else on earth. So, are you ready to discover by yourself what plants species are found on Socotra Island? Great Information About Plants On Socotra Island Make You stunned

The Dragon Blood Trees                                    

The Dragon Blood Trees - Socotra Island
The Dragon Blood Trees – Socotra Island

The Dragon Blood Trees are what attacked the most tourists around the world. Socotra Island is distinguished by such kinds of plants species that only occur on Socotra Island and nowhere else like The Dragon Blood Trees. There are many Flora Dotting on the Island, but not like any endemic shape. For more than 20 million years, the Dragon Blood Tree existed. A dark red resin that the Dragon Blood T lent is the cause for having such a name. When it is cut, the liquid seeps out of the Dragon Blood T. This liquid is used for some medical purposes. In ancient times, Greek-Roman used such kind of liquid as a dye to stain wood violin. Many superstitions have been said about this kind of Dragon Blood T. The scientific name of this type of Dragon Blood T is called Dracaena Cinnabar. It has a little bit weird look and is unique.

Moreover, a heavy-packed crown is its look. It is an umbrella-like shape. Being an evergreen endemic species is one of the features of the Dragon Blood Trees. Be ready to be shocked by such kind of plants species.

Cucumber Tree

Cucumber Tree - Socotra Island
Cucumber Tree – Socotra Island

The cucumber Tree has another scientific name which is Dendrosicyos Socotranus. It is an endemic species whose home is Socotra Island. It is considered a type of Socotra’s Flora. The shape of the Cucumber Tree is weird. The outlook of this kind of TreeTree looks like a bottle-like shape, and it is a gigantic tree. It is considered to be a bottle because of the trunk shape it has. It is recognized by the firm and smooth. It does not have many branches. The development of this kind of TreeTree is one meter wide and two meters long. The leaves of this kind of TreeTree look heart-shaped. They are thick and coarse on the surface of the leaves. They are enclosed with tiny pickles, which spike more diminutive and petite over time. The flowers of this kind of TreeTree are yellow. Its fruits are cylinder-shaped. They are sharp from both sides of the ends.

Furthermore, for cucumber trees to survive, dry weather conditions with fierce winds are necessary. Also, there is a lot of heat. It can be used as a medical treatment for some diseases, for example, diabetes, urinary problems, and issues related to the liver. It is beneficial to different things like ornamentation and nutrition purposes on Socotra Island. It stores water in its trunk. It is hard to grow any leaves or flowers like some plants species. Nevertheless, it is a worthy place to visit, so do not blame yourself for wasting time without seeing such a place with unique species.

Baobab Tree                                                     

Baobab Tree Socotra Island
Baobab Tree Socotra Island

There are different names for such kinds of trees as Baobab Trees that people call them. One type of tree which you can find is the baobab tree. Such species can grow anywhere on the Island. It stays dry, and it has a different shape than other plants that only can be found on Socotra Island. It is an endemic species, and tourists can feel surprised while on Socotra Island. Some called it an “elephant leg tree,” which is considered a wrong concept, and “baobab tree “is what has been considered the common name. Indeed, what people do like is a kind of species that they cannot find anywhere. Therefore, Socotra Island has become one of the unique places that emphasize how it became one of the weirdest places in the world. More and more species that you have never seen. However, you get the chance to know more.

Floating Tree                                           

Frankincense trees, Floating Trees, Socotra Island
Frankincense trees, Socotra Island.

Floating TreeTree is attractive because of the way it stands and its features. It is one of the peculiar things to find floating trees in any place you can visit. Visitors like such views to get their knowledge with a unique experience. Though it is alien on Socotra Island, it weird to be found easily. Floating Trees is impressive, leading tourists to call the Island one of the most isolated islands globally.

Furthermore, it is one of the best places for climbing and hiking. It is a memorable image taken by visitors to try a different experience. Getting to know such places enhances the meditation of people who like discoveries. Therefore, tourists who love reading about such places prefer visiting the site when they recognize a great area like Socotra Island.

Boswellia Tree                                                  

Boswellia Tree Socotra Island
Boswellia Tree Socotra Island

Boswellia Tree is a kind of tree grown up on Socotra Island. There are some words that you may hear before exactly in Christian Songs. They are frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense is oil that is made only from such kind of species which are Boswellia Trees, while myrrh is also the other kind of oil which is made from myrrh trees. The significant part is that such types of trees are rare to be found, but they can be found on Socotra Island as a bundle of plats species. They are available there, and people exploit some kinds of trees like Boswellia trees in different usages. Some examples of these usages are using the oil that trees are found out. Moreover, perfume is also a kind of usage that can be used. You can search for different usages that such types of plants species have.


Landscape photo, Socotra Island
Landscape photo, Socotra Island

Flora is an element composed of Southeast Asia. It pertains to the same type of floristic province as Bougainville in Papua. Except the Santa Cruz Island, Flora is more closely related to Flora of Vanuatu. More than three thousand and seven hundred flowering plants species are found, which are endemic. It is recommended to have such kind of high-quality care. At the same time, tourists love having some types of relaxation and fulfill their interests. Socotra Island is the place that achieves such things as these.


Landscape photo, Socotra Island
Landscape photo, Socotra Island

Different types of vegetation are found on Socotra Island. They are the coastal strand, forests, wetland, lowland, and grassland. How can a place contain that rare species? Different habitable birds you are going to watch which never seen. Pearls also are commonly found on Socotra Island. Coral reefs and other species can only be found there. Some of these plants are the baobab tree, Dragon Blood tree, floating TreeTree so on.

Moreover, there are herbs that people on Socotra Island make and use. However, some are threatened by extinction. Therefore, it is a must to be protected to keep the environment and get plants growing. It is one of the most beautiful places you can find. Have your camera ready to take photos and show others how much your experience was adventurous and exciting.

Final Word

How can a tourist find such information about Socotra Island without looking by themselves? The diversity of the enormous numbers of plants that few tourists visit is waiting for tourists to take photos. Only a few tourists have gotten information about such plants species and visit Socotra Island. It is a chance to get more and more details about Socotra Island. These and more plant species found on Socotra Island are attractive and unique. Not only what is written but also there is more and more than what you expect.

Tourists who visit Socotra Island love being in s such a place. Therefore, whenever they get there, they try to see it repeatedly. No wonder those who have visited Socotra Island more than three times because of the different features that Socotra Island has. Taking photos is one of the right ways to document the plant species that are only found on Socotra Island. Indeed, you will think one time; then you will prepare yourself with your camera to be one who will talk about their unique experience. Be ready and hang up the camera to have evidence and proof while talking about Socotra Island.


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