How Tourists Feel Excited Most On Socotra Island

Coral Reef, sea beach Socotra Island

As a tourist is attracted to places like Socotra Island, it will be one of the best trips. Whatever the reason is behind your goal of the tour, on Socotra Island, you can fulfill this goal. Because there are a lot of different places, you will be shocked by the fantastic views and the activities you can enjoy there. Moreover, the unique species belong to Socotra Island. However, it is not commonplace that most people know nothing about it. Each tourist who visited Socotra Island talked about their experience positively. Because the highest points that tourists reach on the Island, they try to let others know more about one of the rare places that can be found ever. They also try to tell other visitors who do not know anything about Socotra Island how much it shocked tourists because of the inspiring places. To learn more and more, the only thing you have to do is keep reading and prepare yourself to become ready for the splendid areas you hardly ever see.

A tourist in Socotra sitting on the road, Tourist is attracted to places like Socotra Island
A tourist in Socotra sitting on the road

Socotra Island is an archipelago that contains four islands. It considers one of the most fantastic archipelagos in the world. There are too many areas where tourists can spend their time and enjoy their time. You cannot find some of these places anywhere except Socotra Island. In contrast, some tourists prefer historical sites to natural ones. Some like to see unique species. And others prefer all areas. Therefore, Socotra Island has both and more. Being on the Island opens the door to knowing more and more about the ancient places and the history part of the Island. Furthermore, they are going to enjoy discovering the Island. So many different geographical places such as caves, mountains, lakes, bays, fountains, beaches, valleys, waterfalls, protected areas, vegetation, and animals.


Hoq Cave crystalline formations , Socotra Island
Hoq Cave crystalline formations , Socotra Island

More than 52 caves are on Socotra Island. The historical events that Socotra Island passed by affected its environment. How? Each hole in the mountain tells a story about the cave. Because of erosion that the Island got through like gradual wearing away of the Earth by wind or water; disintegration. Some caves exist because of the solution of calcine. The unique part is that some of these caves are settled by people who live their daily routines. Some of these caves contain peculiar drawings which attract tourists to see. An example of that is Hoq Cave. It used as a religious temple for those who traveled from Aisa to Africa and vise versa.


Shoab Beach, man on a boat, Socotra Island
Shoab Beach, Socotra Island

Around the edge of Socotra Island, many beaches spread along the way of the Island. Their length is around 482.8km. There are different distinctive features that beaches have. For example, there are dunes of sand, and they are white, which attracts tourists the most. Several palm trees have spread away from the beaches. The clear waters of the beaches are perfect for relaxing. Diving is one of the main activities that locals and foreigners love to do. Different touristic services are available around the beaches. There are so many species considered too unique and rare to be found anywhere, such as loggerheads. Coral reefs are also as pearls. An example of these beaches is Shoab Beach.


Mountains in Socotra
Mountains in Socotra

There are several mountains found on Socotra Island. They have different hight and different spaces. Some of these mountains are huge, like Hajmar Mountain. The location of these mountain is in the east of the Island, around 25km from Hadibo bay. They are wider from the east part than the west part. There are many tops of these mountains, like Daqam Top, considered the highest top there. It is around 1630m high.
Furthermore, there are different shapes of the mountains on Socotra Island. A lot of other animals you can find there. Moreover, the areas are covered with plants which you can find rarely. Camping is a great activity you can enjoy there.


valleys in Socotra
Valleys in Socotra

A lot of valleys are on Socotra Island. The geographic location of the Island has made it a more special place. Therefore, tourists like such places to visit because of nature. Many valleys exist in the east of Haibo city. They pour to the north area of the Island. They are small pools full of water with a short stream of water. There are a lot of examples of these valleys, like Hashra Valley, Deraba Valley and Farha Valley.


Waterfalls spread around Socotra Island. You can find them in different places, adding more beauty to the Island. Most of the waterfalls rise from the highest mountains on Socotra Island. The best thing is that waterfalls are nonstop throughout the whole year. Denjhen waterfall is an example of these waterfalls. It is far from Hadibo city, about 6km. It considers one of the vital waterfalls on Socotra Island. There are more examples of waterfalls on Socotra Island, such as the Island waterfall, Hala waterfall, Qa’ra waterfall and Ayhfd waterfall.

Waterfalls in Socotra
Waterfalls in Socotra

Water Springs

Water Spring Socotra Island
Water Spring Socotra Island

Springs form small valleys which are nonstop flowing. It has a traditional name, ” Al-Mayeen” there are seven central springs on Socotra Island. Some of these springs are torrential such as Berbaher spring. It is located in the south of the Island. Some springs are not steady. One of these springs is Senqano spring. It depends on the amount of rain. However, Nesm spring flows into the sea the whole year. Its location is on the north side of Socotra Island.


Detwah Lagon lake , Socotra
Detwah Lagon lake , Socotra

Lakes are a few lakes located on Socotra Island. They are unique from other lakes around the world. They are distinguished because of their turquoise color, which attracts tourists. Moreover, they have white sands, which visitors can be shocked. An example of these lakes is Dedoh Lake. For getting relaxed and get stress down you can visit such places and lakes. How wonderful it is! None can imagine the relaxation tourists can feel while on Socotra Island.


Shu'ab Bay rock formations, beach, Socotra
Shu’ab Bay rock formations, beach, Socotra

A curve partly encloses a part of the sea in the land. They are used as harbors for ships. Because of the actual location that Socotra Island has, it is considered a connecting point between Africa and Aisa. Therefore, trading is one of the tasks among continents, especially between Africa and Asia. Some of them are found on the north side of Socotra Island. An example is Enaba Bay while Irisseyl Bay is found in the south. Qelensia is located in the west.

Protected Areas

Dihamri Marine Protected Area – Socotra Island

There are different protected areas on Socotra Island. The international organizations have admitted that Socotra Island should be protected because of various distinctive features that Socotra Island has. One example of protected areas that are on Socotra Island is Rosh Marine Protected Area. It has so many characteristics of being one of these protected areas, such as the white sands and the diversity of the activities you can enjoy there.


Dragon’s blood trees, Diksam plateau, Socotra
Dragon’s blood trees, Diksam plateau, Socotra

A lot of rare plants can be found on Socotra Island. They are unique and not found in any place. Moreover, Socotra Island is the fourth Island globally with several kinds of plants habitable there. Some of these plants are the baobab tree, Dragon Blood tree, floating tree, etc. Moreover, there are herbs that people on Socotra Island make and use. However, some are threatened by extinction. Therefore, it must be protected to keep the environment and grow plants.


Egyptian Vultures, Kalisan Canyon, Socotra
Egyptian Vultures, Kalisan Canyon, Socotra

What different kinds of animals Socotra has! How can a place contain that rare species? Different habitable birds you are going to watch which never seen. Pearls also are commonly found on Socotra Island. Coral reefs and other species you can find. Do not be shocked by the vast number of species you will find because you are lucky to have gotten the information before visiting the Island. Extinction is their way to end unless some organizations help to protect the rest. The alien and rare animals of Socotra Island require production.


It means that a person must be responsible for the environment of Socotra Island and anywhere they are. While they are enjoying their time, they have to handle the entire responsibility of protecting the environment. How?

There are different activities he cannot do because they harm the environment. It is a new kind of tourism which tourists can feel comfortable because they are members who belong to Socotra Island lovers. That kind of tourism improves the economics of Socotra Island and attracts tourists more and more. As a result, poverty is going to be limited.

The natural environment affects the Island negatively. Hurricane and excellent rain are the main reasons which Socotra Island suffer from. There are many inhabitant villages because of the distribution which affected them. Villagers move into another place as refugees. Consequently, Mecono Hurricane affected Socotra Island and Oman country.

Final Word

Different things can attract tourists to Socotra Island. First, there are things on Socotra Island related to the environment, while some are related to the history that Socotra Island passed. Other things related to the species that only Socotra Island has. The simple life also considers a feature which attracts tourists from different places. How can a tourist read such an article full of information about a unique site while not preparing themselves ready to be notable tourists in the world and an eccentric person who has a different experience among tourists worldwide? Are you well prepared to get there?

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