Aomak Beach

Aomak Beach

Socotra Island, Yemen
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Omek Beach

Geographical location

Aomak Beach is considered a long beach on Socotra Island. It is located on the Island. Omek Beach is in the southern area of Socotra Island. They move from one place to another. Depending on the climate, people move to the high spots or move into the low areas there.

Aomak Beach Population

There are different characteristics that People in One Beach have. They do not settle on only one area. They have other expressions that indicate movements they name them. Moreover, they are nomadic people who do not pay in a specific place. Generosity is a common feature which you can notice. Therefore, you will feel comfortable when your foot stands on Socotra Island.


The weather is tropical, and it has a long hot summer. On the other hand, it has been a short warm winter, and it is raining. The temperature is about 37° in summer and 29° in winter. The amount of rain is approximately 33 to 290 mm. Because of the geography of the Omek area, people do not live in a particular place. Consequently, they move around the areas near to spend some time; when the weather changes, they move to another location.


Different distinctions that tourists can find:

  1. This beach is a white sandy beach. What is beautiful are the long ripples you can notice.
  2. It is a good idea for camping. How can people find such a place without visiting it?
  3. Meditation is taken place while you are spending time there.
  4. A vast ripple also makes Aomak Beach distinct from other beaches in the world. 


Fishing is the prominent activity people in the villages in Omek Beach enjoy. Grazing animals are also a kind of activity that is found there. Planting is a spread in Omek Beach. Camping is also one of the most activities that tourists can enjoy. There are many different places which you can discover next to it. Therefore, tourists can take the chance to know the areas around Omek Beach.  

People’s point of view

Tourists get shocked because of the life found there. 

People live in another region and era that we live. They also enjoy nature which affects people’s daily life. Generosity is what tourists deal with. Tourists prepare some information before visiting the Island to ask the people who live there.

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