Ras Irissel

Ras Irissel

Ras Erissel or Ras Irissel or Ras Irsal or Ras Irisseyl is like a secret corner on Socotra Island, where something really cool happens. It’s the spot where the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea come together on the island’s far eastern side, making it feel like the very end of the island. Imagine being surrounded by the sea from three sides!

Not many people know about Ras Erissel, so when you visit, you become a special kind of tourist. You’ll be one of the lucky ones who got to see this amazing place. So, don’t forget to stop by Ras Erissel when you’re on Socotra Island.

At the northeastern tip of Socotra, where the Indian and Arabian oceans meet, there’s a small fishing village. You can watch the local fishermen bring in their catches in the afternoon. Diving is also a big deal on Socotra Island, and Ras Erissel is one of the five fantastic diving spots.

When you reach Ras Erissel, you’ll know you’re at the very end of Socotra’s eastern side when you see giant whale bones. It’s like a big puzzle piece sticking out into the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. And if you look around, you might even spot spines from puffer fish on the beach. It’s a place where two amazing oceans meet, and it’s waiting for you to explore! 🌊🐋🏝️

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