Qulensya, Qulansiya, Qalansiyah or Qalansia Qulensya in Arabic قلنسية  is the second biggest town on the main island of Socotra.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Qulensya is home to around 4,700 people, which makes it the second-largest town on the island, right after Hadibu. Together, these two towns have almost a third of the island’s total population, which is about 55,000 people. What’s interesting is that Qulensya and Hadibu are special because they have people who moved there from mainland Yemen. This shows that more and more people are choosing to live in these towns in the northern coastal areas of Socotra.

When you visit Socotra, make sure to spend at least one evening in Qalansiyah. It’s a really lovely village, and guess what? There’s an amazing lagoon right next to it. You can even ask one of the local fishermen to take you to a hidden beach nearby where the water is super clear and pure.

But wait, there’s more! In Qulensya, there’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world called Detwah Lagoon, and guess what? There are no hotels on it! It’s just you, the beach, the lagoon, and a whole bunch of beautiful, pure white sand. Imagine camping there for a night or two, like I did. It’s a real adventure!

So, if you ever get the chance to visit Socotra, don’t forget to explore Qulensya and all the amazing things it has to offer. It’s a special place on a special island!

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