Detwah Lagoon

Detwah Lagoon

Detwah Lagoon or Ditwah Lagoon is one of the most amazing places on this island. You know where it is best seen from? Qalansiyah, of course! First, you’ll drive up a small hill after passing through the town, and guess what? From there, you’ll see the lagoon, and it looks absolutely stunning!

Next, we suggest you go down to the lagoon’s beach. It’s a great place for a nice, relaxing walk that lasts about 10 mins. When you head outside, make sure you have some sunscreen and water with you. Oh, and when you’re walking in the water, be careful where you step because there are some tiny crampfish in the lagoon.

Now, here’s the coolest part – there are no big hotels around this beach, and it’s probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole wide world! Imagine a beach, a lagoon, and a strip of pure white sand all in one place. It’s like a dream! You might even see some cute crabs running around on the long, white sandbar. When the tide is high, seawater flows into the lagoon across this sandy path.

Guess what else? There are all sorts of interesting animals living in this little world. The water in the sea is so clear that you can see shades of blue and turquoise. If you want to see everything from up high, you can climb a big rock and get an amazing view!

The best time to go for a swim in the water is from October to May. And here’s something really cool – you might be the only person there! That’s because not many people visit this special place, and that’s what makes it even more awesome.

Just one thing to remember: there’s no shade on that sandy path, so bring lots of water and sunscreen because you’ll have to walk back to your car and stuff.

Imagine this: Your campsite is going to be super close to the gorgeous Detwah Lagoon. And guess what? You won’t be staying in a regular hotel or tent – you’ll be hosted under a traditional shed by the friendly locals!

This means you get to experience something really special. You’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of the lagoon, and you’ll have a chance to learn about the local way of life from the people who live there. It’s like getting a taste of the real Socotra!

So, if you’re looking for a real adventure and want to explore a place that’s like no other, Detwah Lagoon is the place to be! Have a great time exploring, adventurers! 🏖️🌊🦀

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