Hoq Cave – Socotra’s Big, Cool Cave

Hoq Cave

The Hoq cave is believed to be the largest one on Socotra, a special island. It goes along the rocky cliff for about three to four kilometers. When you step inside, it feels quite cool. The ground in the cave is dry, except for the end part where there’s water on some stepped areas.

To help you find your way, there’s bright tape on the path inside the cave. You won’t easily lose your way. Don’t forget to bring your own flashlight; you’ll need it in there. It’s also important to go with a local guide for safety.

Even though the journey isn’t very hard, it can make you tired. Most people explore it when the sun is really strong, so take some water bottles with you to stay refreshed. Usually, it takes about forty minutes to reach the end of the cave. If you have a tripod and a good flashlight, you can try taking nice pictures here.

Getting to Hoq Cave is quite simple. It takes about an hour and a half to walk from the nearby village to the cave’s entrance. Enjoy your adventure in this amazing place!

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