Hajjar Mountains

Hajjar Mountains

The Hajhir Mountains, also known as Hajjar or Haggier, represent the highest point on the island. To reach them easily, one can take the valley routes to the north of the coastal town of Hadibo.

These rugged mountains soar to an impressive 1,500 meters above sea level. Their elevation creates unique weather patterns, providing much-needed moisture for Socotra’s distinct plant life to thrive. Exploring this exceptional region, predominantly inhabited by Socotri Bedouins, is a fantastic opportunity.

Venturing into these mountains is a remarkable experience. Even short one-day journeys into the deep canyons offer breathtaking sights. If you come from Europe, where you’re accustomed to mountains cloaked in trees or snow, this will be an entirely different encounter – it almost feels like stepping onto another planet! The vistas are undeniably awe-inspiring.

The vegetation in the Hajhir Mountains has adapted ingenious ways to draw moisture from the clouds and mists that gather on the rocks. Consequently, these mountains are home to over 100 indigenous Socotran species, with more than 50 species exclusive to this mountainous realm.

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