Arher Beach

Arher Beach

Arher has lots of cool things for tourists to enjoy. It’s perfect for camping because it has really big sand hills, a stream that starts in the mountains and goes into the ocean, and the water in the ocean is super clear. The beach is nice, with a great view of the ocean, and if you turn around, you’ll see tall sand hills that can be as high as 200 meters, and they go all the way up to even taller cliffs.

You’ll find some fresh water streams that start in the mountains and flow to the sea. Even though there are no fancy facilities, you can camp at the bottom of the sand hills. But when you see how beautiful it is, you won’t mind the lack of fancy stuff.

Keep in mind that Arher is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. They come here to camp near the fresh water spring that flows from the mountains to the sea. So, it can get a bit crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. It might be better to visit on other days if you want a quieter time.

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