Dihamri Marine Protected Area

Dihamri Marine Protected Area

Dihamri Marine is like a hidden treasure under the sea, waiting for explorers like you! While the beach may not have lots of soft sand, it’s a magical place for underwater fun like snorkeling and diving.

Right by the beach, you’ll find cozy cottages and some houses where you can borrow special swimming gear like fins and masks. Once you dip into the clear water, you’ll see something amazing – beautiful coral reefs and lots of fish. If you’re a super diver with a PADI badge, you can even meet sharks, manta rays, and cool turtles while diving. Snorkeling is great for fish watching, but diving is like entering a whole new world!

Now, about the beach itself, it’s not sandy but rocky, and some big pieces of coral got knocked around by strong winds called hurricanes. Don’t worry; there are still lots of corals nearby with big, colorful fish living in them. Sometimes, the water might push you around a bit with strong currents, especially if the waves are big. But guess what? Right across from the beach, there’s a fantastic reef waiting for you to explore. And if you keep going farther inland, you’ll find wild rocks and big arches that look like nature’s artwork. On really hot summer days, you can take a break from the sun in some buildings that give you nice shade.

But the best part is the diving! A super skilled diver named Naseem will take you to amazing underwater places. Imagine being surrounded by giant groupers, all sorts of colorful fish, and even schools of barracudas and blacktip sharks. It’s a water adventure you won’t want to miss! So, if you’re up for some underwater fun, Dihamri Beach is definitely the place to be! 🌊🐠🦈

Dive into Adventure at Dihamri Marine Protected Area!

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