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We are especially proud of our selection of tours around Socotra because it has no analogs in the market. So whether you want to make a one-week trip or stay longer to enjoy the fascinating life in Socotra, with us, you will always find what you are looking for.

Travel Visa

Getting a visa to enter Socotra Island, which costs only $150, is considered the first and the essential phase tourists should consider. Therefore, WE TAKE CARE OF THE WHOLE PROCEDURE FOR YOU. The process usually takes a few days, and the Visa will be issued here by the island authorities. We need only a photo of your passport, when Visa issued, a copy will be emailed to you for using at the airport counter in UAE. Our guide will be waiting for you with the original copy at the arrival hall at the Socotri airport.

Booking Tickets

To book your tickets from Abu Dhabi to Socotra. We can connect you with our trusted agency in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, online booking is not yet available for all flights.

Travel Insurance

Before heading to Socotra, Yemen, you must apply for travel and health insurance. The travel insurance will protect the cost of your trip when you might face a flight delay or cancellation situation. we recommend that you check with one of the following international insurance companies: Nomad Insurance by Safety Wing


2024 flight to Socotra
TUESDAYS and Friday* Abu Dhabi to Socotra
AUH 09:00 – SCT 10:20

TUESDAYS and Friday* Socotra to Abu Dhabi
SCT 11:50 – AUH 15:05

When is the best time to plan your visit to Socotra?

If you are thinking about coming to Socotra Island, October to May is the best season to visit:

  • October to December: Wet season with warm weather, suitable for hiking and mountain activities.
  • January to February:  Dry season with excellent weather and green landscape, suitable for mountain and sea activities like snorkeling and diving.
  • March to May: Dry season with warm weather and very calm sea great for sea activities like snorkeling and diving.
  • June to September: Very windy and hot; you are not recommended to visit unless you have a specific interest in paragliding or watching turtles hatch on the beaches (July)

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